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What is a HL7 interface engine?

A HL7 interface engine is an interface or integration engine built specifically for the healthcare industry. It connects legacy systems by using a standard messaging protocol. Because hospitals and other healthcare providers usually have different systems for different aspects of services, they are often unable to communicate with each other. HL7 gets around that problem by providing the framework for the exchange, integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic health information. These standards and the most commonly used throughout the world.


What are the benefits of an HL7 interface engine?

By using a HL7 interface engine, health providers can realize the benefits of existing legacy information systems without major re-investment in new technologies, lowering costs and extending the life and efficiencies of current systems. There is also opportunity to link to systems outside the healthcare provider such as providers of outsourced services like radiology.


How do HL7 interface engines work?

HL7 interface engines are software which work as a go-between for different systems. They monitor different types of interfaces and communication points and perform actions according to rules defined by the organization.

HL7 works with a number of standards (Conceptual Standards, Document Standards, Application Standards and Messaging Standards). Messaging standards define how information is packaged and communicated from one system to another.


Where can I find a HL7 interface engine?

A quick google search would bring up one or two suppliers of HL7 interface engines or you can read reviews from trusted industry sources such as the report issued by KLAS.

Some of the products included in the KLAS report include:

  • Eclipsys eLink

  • Intersystems Ensemble

  • Oracle SOA Suite

  • Orion Health Rhapsody

  • Quovadx Cloverleaf

  • Siemens OPENLink

  • Sun eGate

  • Sun eGate 5-ICAN Suite

  • Sybase e-Biz Impact

  • TC Software ConnectMate


About Orion Health's Rhapsody

Orion Health's Rhapsody Integration Engine ensures effortless integration between healthcare systems. Rhapsody's support for numerous communication protocols and message formats allows Rhapsody to act as a mapping and translating mediator between incompatible systems. Messages are reliably and accurately delivered regardless of the format or transportation type required.

Rhapsody's drag-and-drop configuration allows complex routing and processing to be easily configured, and its powerful web-based monitoring tools allow fast and efficient resolution of issues or reprocessing of messages.

Rhapsody utilizes an embedded high-performance message store to ensure full traceability and optimum performance. Messages are archived in the message store until a configured time to allow for regulatory requirements or protect against unstable systems.

The Rhapsody Integration Engine also includes Orion Health's Symphonia Messaging & Mapping Tools. Symphonia allows organizations to reduce development and deployment times when adding messaging interfaces to applications. Using Symphonia, developers can rapidly create EDI components and quickly create mappings between multiple message formats.

The Rhapsody Engine is a cost effective, easy to use, easy to maintain replacement for legacy data engines. Rhapsody enables healthcare organizations to seamlessly transfer information both internally and externally, without the need to replace existing information systems.


Free HL7 interface engine demonstration

Orion Health offer free product demonstrations on their website including their Rhapsody Integration Engine.



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